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Date: October 1, 2022

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  1. “Because a large number aren't taught anything about human anatomy or physiology beyond high school classes” would be my guess.

    That's such a cop out though. I'm tired of people acting like because they weren't taught something in high school means they are incapable of learning about it as an adult.

    The entirely of knowledge we need for our whole lives cannot be taught in K-12. The point of K-12 schools (and college) is to teach people how to think and how to find information. Especially now that we have the internet and we can find out the answer to anything within seconds.

  2. I feel the same way. I’d be annoyed if my partner and I frequently ate out, but ALWAYS had to eat boring American food because he was unwilling to ever humor me and eat at an Asian restaurant.

    1) your taste buds do adapt, especially with more exposure 2) Asian food is literally SO diverse that not being able to find a single dish they can tolerate seems wild 3) not every meal has to be a 10/10. Maybe on occasion OP can humor his love and accompany her to a nice experience at an Asian restaurant. I’m sure any restaurant can make some extremely plain rice and extremely plain protein that OP can handle.

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