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Date: September 17, 2022

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  1. If she is though, goddamn. He apparently said screw whoever just give me a heads up first… imagine having that much leeway and still fucking up.

  2. I get the gift thing. You’re not being needy or materialistic. It’s quite literally the thought that counts. It doesn’t feel good to feel like your partner doesn’t know what you like, or know your needs. I always wanted my ex to get me something I could wear. I wasn’t a big ring or bracelet person, but a necklace would have been amazing. If I told him I wanted that, or something like that, and he got me a potato peeler:/ i’m so sorry. it would have been nice to receive anything that it seems like you would have wanted or liked.

    it makes you feel like he doesn’t know you at all. I would talk to him. you’re hurt. he should know so this doesn’t happen again in the future. and if he reacts poorly, maybe there shouldn’t be a future.

  3. Its called auto name generation my dear. You sound like a wonderful woman, you bf should is sooooo lucky to have you. Good luck with that, Would LOVE an update?

  4. Ffs, she’s not a toddler. Does she not know how pet care works? Please don’t wait to re-home this sweet pup. They shouldn’t suffer because she can’t handle the care of a pup and you don’t want the responsibility.

  5. It's not like you're married for crying out loud. Two weeks? This is nothing. If you are already “trying to make it work” this early on, you're wasting your own time. Fly, be free.

  6. I have so many questions about this:

    What does he do for work vs. what you do for work?

    Why is the monetary amount he spends so important to you? Isn’t him getting gifts that are thoughtful and reflective of your interests ‘spoiling’ you?

    Technically he spent more on the Pop than he would have on the Cricut. So again, how is he not spoiling you?

    He also took the time to trade in some things of his to make sure he got you a present that you wanted (granted, it wasn’t the Cricut but it was the Pop you were jealous over). So, again, not to sound like a broken record, how is that not spoiling you?

    Not a question, but to use your own words, yes you are 100% being an ungrateful spoiled brat. Even after he got you some thoughtful gifts, he is now going out and getting you the freaking Cricut. No one held a gun to your head and forced you to spend a ridiculous amount of money on your bf, and your choices shouldn’t be held over his head.

  7. If you're disgusted by it, you should leave. Just because he's got a kink doesn't mean you have to accept it. If you want to stay with him, you'll have to be okay with it. If you can't do that, it's better that you leave. Personally, if I found my bf with that kind of writing, I'd leave, just because I would have lost respect.

  8. Good advice if she never wants to see her grandchildren. But if she does it's time for her husband to grow the fuck up and stop pushing his shit politics on his son.

  9. and has vented to me multiple times to me about how much she dislikes seeing young children get 20+ presents on their birthdays, to only play with one toy with the rest ignored to be eventually thrown away or donated

    Overgifting is a long, long way from not celebrating special days at all. You do know that you can absolutely not overgift, right? But to ignore a special day entirely is an AH move. Even to go out and pick a bouquet of wildflowers or handmaking a card would be better than ignoring the day entirely.

    It's funny, your determination to not be a part of the corporate gift giving industry has made you completely miss the point of gift giving entirely, and has actually made you more of a slave to the corporate mentality in a way.

  10. It's not you. You have a need, and she isn't addressing it and moving on. This eventually breeds resentment. It's also a reason why people cheat, not being fulfilled. Seeking something you're missing. Not saying it's the right thing to do. Just saying it's usual a reason.

  11. Pets are considered property your husband stole your property from you and that person is receiving stolen goods. Call the cops. All of those things are crimes.

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