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  1. The “what should happen next?” question is important.

    “If I just forgive you this time, what should happen if you do it again?”

    It doesn't even have to be thought of as a 'punishment' but just a 'consequence.' You have made an agreement that this won't happen. What should the result of breaking that agreement be? Let him suggest something and you agree to it.

    Actions should have consequences. If they don't, there's nothing to stop them from happening again. Your being upset clearly isn't a big enough consequence for change to happen. If he actually wants to change, he will be willing to suggest additional consequences that help steer him better. If he is shrugging and is like “I dunno, whatever, I can't think of anything” then he doesn't actually want to change. And that's when you decide what you want to do with that information.

  2. I meant I wouldn’t care if she wanted me to use them. I mean yeah the thought has crossed my brain that perhaps she may be cheating at least on an emotional level given her odd phone habits and such, But it would strike me as wild if she thinks I’m the party in the relationship who is cheating considering that I make clear effort to not hide anything from her. But yeah, I tried to pry more about the ice cream event but she just continued to say I was overthinking it all.

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