UPDATE: My (35m) ex partner (34f) cheated and ran off with the new guy (31m)


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Hello everyone.

I know I promised an update sooner but there were many more twists in the tale after the last post and I've been busy trying to keep my and my daughter's heads above water.

Old stuff:

AP (31M) no-showed once again on the court date and they furnished me with a cop-out order. Basically if he approaches me, turns up at my house etc I can have him arrested. No actual punishment handed out (a month ago)

Ex convinced "a friend" (this will be important later) to co-sign a lease with her a few miles away from my residence, she and the AP moved in together (two weeks ago)

New-ish stuff:

AP was thrown out and nearly arrested after lashing out at her violently believing me to be trying to woo her back via text.

AP has told a mutual friend between us that I was texting his new gf/my ex all manner of flirty and provocative things. I knew nothing about this (a week ago)

Present day:

I find out that she had my name saved as a smokescreen on her phone. The "friend" she co-signed with was the person she was really exchanging inappropriate texts with. When AP looked through her phone and found my name sending nudes etc in her messages he flipped out and confronted me over the phone.

Thank the Lord for WhatsApp screenshare, I quickly showed him that I had nothing to do with any of that.

The "friend" she co-signed with proposed marriage, she accepted which she insists is "we just met each other at the right time" which she wants me to believe was a week after breaking up with AP. Unfortunately for her, it is not difficult nor illegal for me to find out who is on whatever property's paperwork.

I suppose in essence, she was seeing someone behind my back for at least two years and used this other junkie as something to get caught out on deliberately while waiting for myself and that junkie AP to potentially seriously maim (or worse) each other while she eloped into the sunset with this other bloke and our daughter.

I don't know what to make of any of this, I thought I was recovering really well until I got wind of this and now the levels of deceit are hurting me something awful.

All the nights of eating canned beans and bread, sometimes not eating at all, so our daughter could eat decently every night when we supposedly didn't have money, ex was never hungry which I found out was because she was eating full meals at swanky restaurants before coming home from late shifts… all of it was because she was spending money in our joint account on two different dudes.

I don't know guys, I might be back with another update, I might not, but thank you all for your advice, criticism and opinions.

EDIT: I've left out some context on the money trouble. Ex had signed our daughter up for some of the best extramural activities (with my blessing) with some of the most reputable places in the country (karate, ballet etc) which is expensive.

She paid none of those bills barring the initial month's payments (from joint account using my money, she didn't contribute a total of 10% to the fund) and drew cash which she said was to pay those. The owners of those schools are now after me for the money which is in the DOZENS of thousands. I have instigated legal action but until that happens, I am on the hook for the entire balance. Hope this explains it.

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Date: April 18, 2024

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