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  1. What is wrong with you? Why did you tolerate it so long? I mean it was months of this. Why? You and the 9 other guys deserve SO much better.

  2. It can be quite difficult to find a relationship where you're both compatible and in love. I know you've stressed that this issue is a dealbreaker for you but no relationship is perfect. Are you sure you want to end it? Because all you seem to talk about is how much you love eachother.

    Maybe having more conversations about it with her will help. I wouldn't bury the issue or lie about it to break up with her because it may lead to regret.

    That's great that she's starting a job. Maybe you can both discuss new places you can both go to whenever she gets a break- and in the meantime, you can mull over if this is the right decision. I don't think it would be right for her if she was left in the dark about your doubts though, because she doesn't deserve it.

  3. Ok….gotta ask……..

    What is your nature that you expose yourself to abusive and controlling

    personalities? Most Healthy personalities would be deep in reflection

    after that first experience. How is it that you have found yourself

    repeating the pattern? Thoughts?

  4. No reaching out and telling her things she already knew when she dumped you, wont help in the slightest…now move on to another person, that for sure will help.

  5. Yeah, his maturity his underdeveloped for sure. You could expect this from like an early teen just learning to navigate jealousy and social interaction, but at 24 you should expect more of a person.

    It's unfortunately way too common for dudes to just miss out on things they should've learned in their mid-teens, often largely because of toxic masculinity. I was the same way, and I cringe thinking back on the poor people who were subjected to me in my early 20's.

  6. You did not talk to your son for 3 years? That mean you abondend him. It's not normal to come back after 3 years, to a kid that not knows you anymore and expect to be taken seriously as “father”.

  7. so I talked to my mum the other day because he'd invited me to meet him. she said it was fine. she's glad i told her but she really doesn't mind.

    I met them yesterday and I think it went quite well. everyone was very nice. i had a good time.

    maybe one day i'll ask my mum for her full side of the story. but I think that'll be a lot for her to think about, so i'll wait until the right time.

  8. In the end if she doesn't make you completely happy you should not marry her. That would be unfair to you both. She seems too bound to her family to ever break free. I would advise that before you move in together she should on-line alone on her own for a while to get a taste of independence and find out who she is.

    Before you break up have a long talk about all the issues you see, positives and negatives and try to resolve them. Be bluntly honest.

    If you do break up with her, her fate is out of your hands completely and is no longer any of your business. Therefore if she chooses a partner who treats her badly it is up to her to resolve that hypothetical. She may also find a better fit than you.

  9. AKA you didn't tell her, and yet you still accuse her of “lying” to you. And you're threatening to break up your family over it.

    Jesus Christ, man, find a good therapist.

  10. Yeah, that's an average value. Averages don't apply to individuals who exist on a bell curve. You're acting snotty about statistics and probability but you're not very great at it yourself.

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  12. Always bear in mind that anything you transmit digitally could end up all over the place. So if you have some kind of sensitive job, specifically working with kids, you don't want your face to be seen in any of these nudes. Doing nudity over vid chat is statistically safer than sending pics.

  13. So who pays all of the bills? You?

    Why isn't your problem that he doesn't work and doesn't do anything other than sleep + weed? Your problem is only that he sleeps, but it should be that he is lazy, not productive, and that you are taking care of a grown man who is almost 40.

    I think you need to make reassessments, include why you are ONLY upset with his sleeping?

  14. I hope so! But he did say he's only wanting to change for dating relationships because it's not a problem anywhere else.

    Once again proving he doesn't know what he doesn't know….

  15. I’d say just enjoy what you have for now and if it bothers you you need to work up the courage to tell her how you really feel, no way around that.

  16. I don't understand what her leave with her family has to do with any of this.

    She wants to go on a trip with you. You're putting an awful lot of weight on 1 word (“we”). Just tell her you want to go – it's not that nude. But DO NOT bring up her family leave.

  17. It’s not nice that she put you in a position where, unless you could read her mind, you literally can’t say anything that won’t get you in trouble.

    I had a woman at a bar ask me to guess her age. I told her that I would sooner punch myself in the figs than take that bait. Same applies here.

  18. Its borderline but you are self-aware. Both of you are valuable people. There are so many more reasons to love someone. We all age, looks fade, money changes (this one is big), health changes… you both could be the perfect compliments to eachother. You both could help propel eachother through life, you just have to adore eachother. Appreciate. Be kind. Talk openly. Show love.

  19. First, don’t just presume you’ve lost his family and your cat. It does not have to be that way. Second, reach out to your friends and family for support. The pain is real, but I promise over time it will abate. Deep breaths. Allow yourself to grieve. If it feels overwhelming, please seek counseling. This is nude, but I promise you that it will get better and with time, you will find yourself and then you will find your true life partner. Deep breaths.

  20. “I have something to tell you that you are going to be unhappy to hear. While I love you and I cherish our relationship, I cannot continue to be together with you romantically. I want to be here for you as a friend and help you in your recovery. But I also need to work on myself. That means I’m going to explore relationships with other women. I hope you will remain my friend.”

    That’s how I would do it.

  21. This is the go to cheater excuse when confronted. He’s cheating.

    Do you really believe that he all of a sudden started jacking off into condoms that have been sitting in your junk drawer for several years! Girl come on.

  22. You can do it. You can manage it. Most days will be nude. Youre only stuck if you wanna stay stuck.

    Its not fair to your partner that they get treated the way they do and excuse it because “i had an episode” . Its not fair to them.

    You need to step away and learn who you truly are. Youre not this person that sucks, youre more than that.

    Build a community of friends you can rely on as well.

  23. Relationships are not a one way street. Also, if you don’t trust someone enough that their dreams/hobbies/friends are a threat to you, why are you with them?

  24. What potential do you see in a 32 year old man who not stuck his penis inside of another woman but did it with one of YOUR friends?

    He’s a grown man, not a teenager who is led by said penis.

    Obviously we don’t know him (nor you, lol) but I have some questions that perhaps you might want to think about.

    Did he tell you he cheated with your friend only one time? Do you believe him?

    How long have you been together?

    Does he have a job? Are you supporting him including rent/mortgage?

    There are too many people out there who find someone and then take advantage. (I’m concentrating on the men).

    I know more than one man who sweet-talked a woman and they moved in together. With this one couple, in particular, everything started out fine. They more or less shared the bills although he would occasionally borrow some money from her because he was short until payday. Of course, repayment never seemed to happen but she should have asked him and not wait for him to volunteer it.

    They got married and then it didn’t take long for him to lose or quit his job – I don’t remember. So she worked and he claimed he was looking for work. Money got tight and he was very aggressive when she would say they needed two incomes.

    So of course she became pregnant. She told me she thought it would bring them closer together. (Dr. Phil used to say, “Children should not be born with a job). I know it takes two to have a child – she stopped taking birth control and he didn’t know.

    Hubby became such an a-hole to her and ended up moving out, telling her to get welfare because he didn’t have money for her. So she did. She and their child moved in with his mother because there was no way she could afford a decent place to on-line. He didn’t online there but would show up at times.

    If you don’t have kids with him, please don’t get pregnant. Seriously.

    Anyway, good luck to you. You’re still young! If you realize you can’t trust him, then get out. Do you really want to spend your time with him, asking him where he went, who he was with, etc.?

  25. Yeah, and the thing is I would be okay with that. I just want my first time out of the way. I think I’m more into one night stands considering there isn’t a lot of people that are really relationship worthy here. Almost everyone that is around my age are into drugs alcohol or is straight… I’d prefer to learn more about sex than relationships

  26. Yes the threats and silent treatmeny are childish and pathetic but withholding trust while thinking things over is acceptable because you cant trust those you have issues with. Nice assumption yet your wrong but hey guess im toxic for expecting honesty and respest on all fronts

  27. He has always had anger issues.

    Confident, your BF's abusive behaviors and anger issues cannot be excused — but perhaps can be explained, especially if you would speak to a psychologist in your city. They may be due to his having very weak control over his own emotions (i.e., a lack of emotional skills he had no opportunity to learn in childhood). My exW has that problem. If that is an issue for your BF, you likely have been seeing the following 4 red flags.

    The first is a strong abandonment fear. I therefore ask whether, a few months into your relationship, he started showing strong jealousy over harmless events — or started attempting to isolate you away from close friends and family? He would view your spending time with friends/family as your choosing THEM over HIM. Moreover, he usually would hate to be alone by himself.

    Second, you would be seeing him rely heavily on black-white thinking, wherein he tends to categorize some people as “all good” (“with me”) or “all bad” (“against me”) and will recategorize them — in just a few seconds — from one polar extreme to the other based on a minor infraction.

    Because he also uses B-W thinking when judging HIMSELF, he hates to acknowledge making a mistake. To him, it would mean he is “all bad.” He thus would blame nearly all mistakes on you and view himself as “The Victim.” Always “The Victim.”

    Further, to “validate” his victim status, he would keep a detailed mental list of every infraction/mistake you ever did (real or imagined) and would not hesitate to pull out the entire list to defend himself in the most insignificant disagreement with you. Moreover, this B-W thinking also would be evident in his frequent use of all-or-nothing expressions like “you ALWAYS…” and “you NEVER….”

    Third, you generally would not see him expressing his rages to casual friends, coworkers, or total strangers. He usually gets along fine with them. Rather, the outbursts and temper tantrums almost exclusively would be expressed against a close loved one (e.g., against you or his parents).

    Fourth, you are convinced he truly loves you. But you often have seen him flipping, on a dime, between Jekyll (loving you) and Hyde (devaluing or hating you) — often making you feel like you're walking on eggshells. These flips would occur in a few seconds in response to some minor thing you say or do. And a few hours or days later, he could flip back just as quickly.

    Confident, have you been seeing strong occurrences of all 4 of these red flags?

  28. Polygraphs have no scientific basis. But that’s okay, because OP’s wife has already admitted to an affair and has said she doesn’t even feel bad about it.

  29. My father's take was as long as I was safe and happy – he didn't really want to know. I could tell him whatever I needed to, if I needed his opinion or input, in any way. (I introduced him to all of my partners, though he probably didn't realize it.

    I like your standard of their being kind to their partners. That's really lovely.

  30. Yeah like I said I understand him, still hurts of course but I've been working on getting better and I did quite a lot but thats not enough and I won't stop either cause I don't want to self harm and hurt myself and other people. So I just didn't neglect anything and left to get worse, thats whats like uff to me but yeah its his choice to make and I also can't leave myself in a place where someone thinks like that of me.

  31. Tell to f—- off then block him on everything. If he still contacts you phone the police for harassment

  32. Religion is one of those dealbreakers in relationships. When you add kids to the mix, it’s really nude to balance two different religions. You two are just not compatible.

  33. Exactly my sentiment, why the fuck does she think she is in rhe wrong, emotional abuse pure and simple!

  34. Hey, just to give you a different perspective on this, Judaism is a religion that puts an emphasis on correct practice over correct belief and also there's a strong tradition of arguing over Torah and what God asks in it (and even debating over God's existence) – atheism and Judaism aren't necessarily incompatible stances in some movements, though I'm hardly an expert.

    If you're inherently uncomfortable with the idea of religion in general, that's understandable; you two are incompatible. If you are not, begin some research, ask what his perspective on Judaism is (would he demand you convert orthodox, for example? Because that's pretty rigorous and you might want to bow out immediately and that would be entirely understandable), and see if there's a rabbi you'd be comfortable speaking with.

  35. Personally I don’t think any hands on a waist is friendly. I don’t go to strangers and out my hands on their waist so I feel uncomfortable with this situation and how to handle it.

  36. Changing her number solves literally nothing. You forcing her to change her number is painfully unproductive.

  37. I refused her request on socials saying that I only add family members and back then, she insisted, I blocked her then changed my username saying I don't use socials anymore.

    She “insisted”? Yikes. “No.” is a complete sentence. So is “No, Carrie-Anne, I won't do that.”

    I really don't think you should open a dialogue with her. Refuse to open any request you don't know and block her number.

    Good luck.

  38. would still be with his ex if she didn't

    So what?

    Would still be with the ex if they didn't murder the rest of the family in cold blood. But they did, so how is what would be the case if they didn't relevant?

    Why get all butt hurt and bent out of shape over what ain't the case and would or might be the case if things weren't as they have been and are and shall always be?

    Would still be with the ex if they didn't turn into a three-eyed bug-headed alien monster. So friggin' what?

    Would still be with the ex if we lived on Mars instead of Earth. Big damn deal, who cares.

    Would still be with the ex if they didn't do what they did, but they did, so they're not.

    Why the hell be worried about what might have been if things never were as they were and went?

    Our relationship is amazing and he's the man of my dreams

    Then why are you jealous of a woman that doesn't even exist – a non-cheating version of his ex? No one's even found an alternative universe that contains such, let alone a way to access that universe or get that version of his ex from that universe to this universe. Yet you seem quite concerned about that alternative version of his ex in that alternative universe that no one has even yet shown to exist.

    hurt my feelings he got extremely angry

    So, man who hurts your feelings and gets extremely angry – that's the man of your dreams?

    he will still bring up his ex in conversation quite a bit

    But that's the man of your dreams, what are you complaining about?

    I don't like hearing about him with other women

    But he's the man of your dreams.

    He brought her up again today

    Yes, he's the man of your dreams, what else could you possibly want?

    That stung a lot

    But he's the man of your dreams!

    it made me sad

    But he's the man of your dreams!

    I felt like he would rather be with her instead of me

    “Her” – you mean the non-cheating ex that doesn't exist? Would you be equally jealous of him preferring Santa Claus over you? Do you believe in Santa? Does he?

    And, what you report he said:

    would still be with his ex if she never cheated and he said yes

    Yes, that doesn't even mean, if what is the case weren't the case, that he'd necessarily even prefer to be with her:

    would still be with his ex if she never cheated and he said yes

    That's not the same as would have then preferred to have been with his theoretical non-cheating ex if such existed. Maybe if she didn't cheat on him he never would'a left her and met you? That's not the same as even saying he would prefer a hypothetical but non-existent non-cheating version of his ex to you. But you're jealous of the non-existent regardless.

    he got intensely angry with me

    That's the man of your dreams?

    made me sad. He then hung up on me and won't return my texts

    Man of your dreams, huh?

    So, you get all butt hurt 'cause if something that did happen never happened, then things might be different … and the man of your dreams … hurts your feelings, gets extremely angry, brings his ex up a lot and that stings you and makes you sad, hangs up on you, won't return your texts.

    Uh huh. So, that's how it is, huh?

  39. You leave her.

    No matter how amazing you are – it IS creepy and predatory for her to be dating you! You’re barely legal and she has 8 years of adulthood over you.

    You’re way too young to be in a volatile relationship with someone who is so creepy they had to prey on a brand new adult. And again, it doesn’t mean you’re not amazing or that you’re naive. But the difference in life experience is HUGE. You deserve way better

  40. One time (under the influence of one too many margaritas) I asked if he was ever mad that when they all met that Ann chose Andy and he flipped out on me saying I clearly didn’t understand the nature of their relationship.

    As someone who has very close, completely platonic friends of the other sex, I think your boyfriend's initial reaction is a dead giveaway that this feelings for Ann aren't purely platonic.

    Anyone with close friends of the opposite sex knows that they might need to work a little harder putting their romantic partners at ease with the fact. I'm sure your boyfriend knows that too and has possibly even encountered similar situations before, and yet he is doing a poor job at it right from the get-go.

    So, yes, I do think you should bring it up with your boyfriend. It will probably be a good idea for you to figure out what your own boundaries are beforehand though, because it sounds like you're going to need them.

  41. He said that no other girls have asked him to use a rubber

    So he is a Petri dish of everyone before you and if they were fine with no rubbers that is not a good thing

    Also he is too cheap to buy a condom

    I think you should hold yourself to higher standards

  42. Any woman with a high interest level (attraction) in you would not be suggesting fucking other people.

    Time to reconsider your level of commitment to this girl. She may be backpeddling now that you made it clear your thoughts on swinging, but the idea was/is in her head to screw around. She just wanted to do it with you, instead of on you.

    Biggest question is, did she have some other guy in line to “swing” with? If so, you have a real problem on your hands. However, since you squelched her suggestion, she would never admit it now.

    Breaking up is not out of line.

  43. I’m not sure if almost breaking up 3 times is normal 8 months in a relationship.

    It's not.

    But I can’t forgive him for anything in my mind. I always have this feeling that he doesn’t truly want me. That he is using me to get over his ex.

    You don't trust him after 8 months. Also, not being able to forgive a partner is a huge issue if you want the relationship to last. Everyone fucks up. No point spending forever with someone you're constantly angry at.

    I’m not sure if I like his personality anymore.

    You don't even like him most of the time.

    It's only been 8 months. Break up.

  44. This has to be rage bait. There's no way you could be a real human being that I have to share oxygen with. YTA.

  45. He’s embarrassed because he was 41 when he started seeing a teenager, which he should be because it’s disgusting

  46. I'm just going to blurt it out.

    He seems fine because right now he is confident if things don't work out with his Tinder dates, he's got YOU to fall back on.

    As in, you'll be waiting for him, remaining 'pure' (as in you don't date other men) after he's done with his sexcapades, per se.

    He believes you're not going anywhere.

    If he finds out you also dl Tinder and are going out on dates on your own, enjoying yourself, he's not going to be that 'fine' anymore. Especially IF he's not doing too well in his endeavor (having sex with other women and experience dating other women).

  47. Hopping in here after your TIFU post. This dude sounds dangerous and desperate, it sounds like he wants to isolate you so you will literally have no one but him. Typical MO for a guy that’s dating over ten years his junior; other more mature people see him for what he is which is why he is dating you. I’d genuinely consider what some of these redditors are saying, and if you’re running into conflict like this consistently (multiple Reddit posts), then this is a concerning pattern of behavior.

    Protect yourself and do better for yourself. This man sounds like a creep.

  48. This man was two decades older than you. This wasn’t a relationship, this was highly inappropriate and quite frankly gross on his part. You were isolated from everyone else and only had him to rely on, that’s not healthy by a long shot babe. You have to let go of the idea that he is or was every going to treat you right because chances are you were a sexy roll in the hay for him and not much more.

  49. Sometimes people just feel the ick and they can’t control it. It’s not you, or you’re problem to worry about, it’s just something he had a reaction to. He sounds pretty shitty tbh, so I think you dodged a bullet. If he tries to get with you again, then there was no ick, and he’s trying to neg you into fucking him to prove that you’re “good enough” to find attractive.

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