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Date: September 9, 2022

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  1. Because it‘s fun. Because it’s way more fun to scream in joy if the perfect song is played by a stranger than if the same thing is done by someone that is part of the party.

    a) I Watch other people all the time. So yes, it is possible to look at someone and think „he‘s looking cute. If I was single I would probably dance with him“. But he is forgotten the second I look away. I‘m watching them to make sure I‘m safe not for them. b) I hate attention from strangers so not a question for me. c) Same as b. Maybe with the thing: Of cause compliments feel good. But they also get scary very fast. d) As said at the beginning. It’s about the DJ. And a bit about the temperature and the number of people. Last time I was at a club, I saw more people in and around it than I know (including people I didn’t see in ages). It’s just fun to be part of something that big and happy.

  2. Why are they suspicious? They occurred after rather then before the text about the mothers work schedule changing.

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