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  1. Tell him you wish he told you earlier. That it was unclear how much he wanted to practice your language with you. He definitely should have communicated more clearly about that. It’s not fair of him to put all that on you. You can’t read his mind.

  2. I would go, just wouldn’t drink and stick to that. Just because everyone else is doing it, doesn’t mean you need to. Treat this as a test to yourself.

    Not going is gonna make you get in your head and likely overthink it.. or perhaps get them to assume more.

    Or… you could always tell them you got COVID ?

  3. I think you need to interrogate why you limited your own personal/professional growth because of a relationship.

    Please work on securing your bag ? ?

    It will make building a family more affordable.

  4. If my grasp of reverse psychology is correct, it will take u less time to overcome this trauma if she doesn't care. That way you'll make her to be a monster (which WS are) and the journey from hurt to anger to sadness to indifference will finish quickly rather.

  5. That’s actually some really constructive and practical advice, thank you! I will definitely apply this to future conversations and see if it helps. Most of the instances this occurs it is when it’s relating to something that comes across as trivial (to me, which is only my perspective), in this instance I hadn’t laughed at his joke as much as he felt he needed me to which made him feel I was not interactive enough (I did miss the memo) and I tend to get so laser focused on understanding him when it’s something that I didn’t anticipate (I can otherwise be a little shocked and defensive if I didn’t see it coming so I make decisions to ensure I’m focused on listening to him) and making sure I respond to his questions in as empathetic of a way as possible that I then lead with my response rather than leading with an apology. Thank you for bringing a different perspective to this for me as I feel you’ve hit the nail on the head as to what he may be experiencing.

  6. We all have insecurities, these are the risks we take. The question is can you open up to your partner and trust them to support you. This person sounds worth trying.

    BTW, it is not silly. We all have been hurt by others and do not always realize it till its too late.

  7. I have never been in love that fast, and I would be wary if if someone told me that they were in love after 3 dates, but it wouldn’t ruin the relationship. Typically women say that they love me about a month and a half before I say it.

  8. This is exactly where I'm coming from. She comes to me about everything because she knows I'll always be nice. When she doesn't get the reaction she's expecting from me, she turns nasty. I've become really fed up of being treated that way, by everyone.

    I definitely think you're right about not pretending anymore and just saying how I feel. I just know I'd be made to look a bitch.

  9. I am up for understanding your point of view, I can understand how some people not have a problem with Bodycounts, but the reverse is true too, there are people who do have a problem. Accept it.

    It's my preference and I don't look down on anyone or shame anyone for not meeting my standards. Idk why it would matter to you.

    You tell me why do you care about what anyone wants in there partner?

  10. Yeah, women generally don't like to feel like their partners mother, and its easy to start feeling that way when your partner can't perform even the most basic of self-care tasks such as cooking a meal and refuses to learn. Cooking is a skill all adults should know, and refusing to learn is just placing the burden of that task on your wife for the rest of your lives. Learn to cook man.

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    We are enforcing the two rules listed above by making all titles start with ages/genders in the following format:

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  13. Context is good, so adding it helps. Context is also very very relevant. “Nice shoes” to a friend at a party carries an entirely different message than “Nice shoes” when your friend or partner is standing resplendent in front of you in their wedding attire 🙂

  14. I think denying it and then trying to convince you that you did something you didn't do is definitely some attempt to manipulate you and make you question what you know to be reality. Idk if he's aware of this. Either way someone doing coke is not someone I would trust but you've decided that it's not a big deal if he only does it occasionally.

    I would still not expect good things to come from this . Most people experiment and then drop it and sure a lot of others can do coke their entire lives without being addicted so I can't say much just that I would not trust or want to be with someone doing that type of drug.

  15. It sounds like he's a lying bastard, and even though the intimacy you felt was probably very real, it will hopefully be possible to accept the fact that is was all built on a fake foundation by someone who doesn't deserve you. At all.

    In the meantime, there aren't right and wrong ways to respond – as long as nobody is assaulted. Though it might be best if you can end things quickly, move on decisively, and eventually be able to look back and remember the good parts wistfully – and without too much unresolved anger.

  16. Now she knows and thats oka. 4 months is still a little soon. But it's better she's honest and tells you that and doesn't say she loves you and doesn't mean it.

  17. Ask her if she’s noticed a pattern? Ask her if she feels these friends care about her? Ask her if she’s worried her friends will dump her if she confronts them? Ask her if she feels helpless to establish boundaries with them? Ask her what they would need to do for her to stop chasing their friendship?

    Ask her if she’s thinks it’s fair to your relationship that the toxicity these friends bring is bleeding into your life together? Tell her it’s painful for you to see her vulnerable and hurt by the same people time and time again.

    Ask her what she needs from you and how you can support her to find some friends or activities that will bring her joy?

    Tell her you love her and would like to see her thriving and that seeing her so negatively impacted by the same issue endlessly.

    On your side I think it’s a tough place to be in, so some stock responses can be great. Are you surprised they did this? That must have hurt. What can you change next time to not feel like this again? Remind her, this is what they do, this is who they are. I value you and I find it painful to see people that you call friends treating you like this.

    Then start to redirect her and say “glad you’ve got that out of your system” Let’s go for a walk, let’s play cards, watch a movie.

  18. I just prefer to treat it separately because oftentimes cheaters hide behind doing it with someone else to try to shift some of the blame away.

    Meanwhile I like to think about this as two separate things so that the line is clear. With the tango metaphor, two people do the same thing. But when you treat cheating and sleeping with a cheater as two separate bad actions, you don't have then have to wonder who's more at fault, everyone is 100% at fault for what they did, it was their autonomous decision.

    It's like with the pharmacy situation: if you go to a pharmacy to get a drug to kill yourself, it's only wrong for the pharmacist if he sold it to you if they neglected to check if you had the prescription. So if the other person kills themselves, the pharmacist will have neglected his job, but they will not be half to blame for the suicide. Those are two different things. I'm not sure if I explain this pharmacy metaphor well cuz I'm not an English speaker but I'm basically trying to advocate for treating cheaters and those that they cheat with separately, more harshly and to realize they are fully to blame.

    Maybe one more metaphor, just in case: if you drunk drive and hit somebody, the fact that you hit them can't be blamed on the fact that somebody was on the road if you were too drunk to see them. It doesn't matter if the other person was acting correctly, you were still driving drunk and you're responsible for drinking and driving. The other person may be responsible for whatever they were doing. Two separate actions. Two people taking accountability for what they did without shifting any blame onto the other person

    It's just my opinion. Aside for people trying to shift the blame away, I agree the metaphor makes sense. I get it if others don't view this as I do

  19. Okay, but these obstacles are the things that give you a chance to strenghten your relationship. It's about working together to solve it, everybody fights at times or says things they didnt mean

  20. Then they don’t have to divorce each other. They do not get to tell you what to do or insist that you suffer this fool you married gladly. You have a child to think about and this is already a set up for your child to live! in a dysfunctional home. Tell your family while you appreciate their beliefs, they do not get to dictate how you live and if they insist on bringing you down and not being a supportive entity for you, you will have to distance yourself from them and they may not get to have a relationship with their grandchild whom you are trying to keep safe from abusive dysfunctional living conditions. Tell them this is non negotiable.

  21. It’s kinda normal to just make up an excuse if you don’t want to hang out with someone. Especially if that someone is clearly not getting the message. Doesn’t sound malicious at all.

  22. We live! in college dorms, the bed is one of the only places you sit and watch a movie. I have watched movies with multiple people of different genders. While being in a relationship. My boyfriend knew about it. I told him before I left.

  23. Thank you for the reply! I was thinking the same thing too… I asked him why he did not tell me earlier, and he told me he never thought about it before now. Before, he planned on living in the U.S. It's a tough situation, and I already have the stress of my graduate school work to complete.

  24. No, you're definitely right.

    It sort of seems like she doesn't understand that the dog is a living being, separate from its owner. I get transferring emotions, and being jealous of an animal that gets the love you don't get, but you are right to be concerned.

    I don't think ignoring this would be a good move.

  25. monogamy is only dating one person at a time, not a complete halt of attraction to all but one person. get your insecurities figured out before you date if you can't handle that reality.

  26. Well, that's good to hear about his feelings regarding mental health and what he's doing to keep himself well. I wonder if he couldn't get a special appointment to see his pysch. This is why we need universal healthcare! 🙂

    So, you are more willing/able to work through stuff and see the other perspective, recognise when you are at fault (I hope you're not at fault too often!). That's great. Do you get the sense your bf is able to do the same? Does he have difficulty apologising when he's wrong?

    You are absolutely right – you should not be the sole “power-lifter” in this relationship and he has to actively participate, mental problems or not. There has to be some sort of progress that you can feel. I'm sorry he hasn't seemed to have done that. Has he been extra anxious in his daily interactions since you agreed to the letter-writing? Does he seem more interested in avoiding any sort of relationship talk or any situations that could have potential conflict?

    I really do hope I've helped. That you have another perspective and more ideas to bounce off of and work out things with your bf. Sometimes, we do just need someone on the outside. We, outsiders, may not really know what's going on, but our emotional distance does give us a slight advantage in logic. Not always, but sometimes. 🙂 Much love to you, girl! You can do this!

  27. oh this is so real and so frustrating. A friend of mine told me a month or so after she broke up with her ex that he randomly told her that he “wanted to try going down again.” He previously hated giving oral, of course.

    To me that was an immediate red flag (she broke up w him bc she felt like a sex object, not a girlfriend, but he clearly just wanted in her pants again), but I guess it worked for her ?

  28. When she leaves, I would just text her, “hope ex is husband material.”

    And block before she can respond.

    No closure for her.

  29. Maybe or maybe they have a great relationship with their bio dad and aren't looking for another father.

  30. It’s not available in every state like it used to be, plus it’s not always 100%, and it especially even states on the label it won’t work if you’re ovulating.

  31. Your longest relationship has been these 10 weeks, and you didnt see each other for 4 of those?

    Is that accurate?

  32. Then ask her to stop deleting such messages? If she doesn't want she can block those people, but messages should stay. This feeds into some agreement between you regarding access to each other messages in general.

  33. Dude…. I feel for you, this situation sucks giant hairy balls, but you are entirely too old to not know how to at least look up landlord tenant laws. Read your lease, it’s probably spelled out pretty well there. Speak to your landlord or the management office who has probably had to evict people before. You are surrounded by nothing but resources.

    do not contact her family again for advice/help. they’re going to try and help her before they help you serve her an eviction notice based on the landlord tenant laws in your state talk to your landlord change or add a lock to the bedroom and separate the apartment living/sleeping spaces at least. I bet once she doesn’t have a bed to share/sleep in she’ll find somewhere else to go real fast

  34. I find a lot of people say that to try and match their partners energy though, for all anyone knows you might say that but are only in it for what you get. Either way though you're going to either have to lower your standards or wait it out.

  35. Zero yelling is the expectation in a healthy relationship. Where you draw the line at abusive behavior is NONE.

  36. If you know that it won’t work, and that you’re codependent, then walk away now.

    He has already said that he doesn’t want a needy partner, which may include your being sensitive. He’s already very stubborn. He also said that he doesn’t need therapy; you know how it was worded as to whether that means he wouldn’t go to couples therapy, either.

    His being attractive and not drinking doesn’t mean that the above aren’t red flags. My abusive ex only drank on his birthday, and not to excess.

    Save yourself the pain and heartache by skipping to the end; get over him and go on to have a great life without him.

  37. “Whoa let's not throw around the term Sexual Assault all willy-nilly here.”

    Proceeds to describe a normal comment as harassment.

  38. Right? So many people in this thread fundamentally misunderstanding what it means to have herpes.

    Like are you saying you should confess to the fact you’ve had cold sores before every time you kiss someone?

    If you don’t have a current flare up, this would be utterly bizarre information to offer up to someone before sleeping with them.

    I couldn’t work out if she knew she had a flare up at the time or not to be fair, it seems ambiguous from the wording

  39. That's not the case. It's common for boyfriends to give girlfriends money for personal needs and such…

  40. Why did you decline when he invited you to watch a movie with them? Why does it make you uncomfortable?

    I know that my bf isn’t into this woman

    You’re wrong. Looks like he’s into her. Texting non-stop, during and after working hours and going to movie just them? Those are red flags.

    Put a stop to it, if you don’t want to get hurt further. But remember, he can always delete her texts. Him cutting her off should be by his own choice else he will despise you. Make him understand that what he’s doing is not just making you uncomfortable but also is hurting you. He’s choosing her over your comfort. If still he cannot understand that, then slowly disengage. You’re young. Choose someone who knows how to set and respect boundaries.

  41. You don’t. This is a very fundemental part of a relationship that both parties have to mutually agree on, not ”accept”. If he doesn’t want to stay exclusive like you want then move on.

  42. You're probably right. I was thinking that the fact that I'm having doubts for any reason probably means that I should break the engagement but I wasn't sure if that was just stress talking.

  43. It’s a bit late of her to say she doesn’t not want to do anything with anyone outside of your relationship, when she has slept with her friend. It wasn’t a quickie sphere spent two hours exploring each other. She didn’t care about her marriage or you during this time, so she can’t blame the alcohol. Speak to a divorce attorney and ask what divorce looks like for you. Ask the attorney to draw up divorce papers and a post nup with an infidelity clause. Ask her to cut her AP completely out of her life, going completely NC with her. Also ask her to sign the post nup. These are the minimum for moving forward in this relationship. If she isn’t willing to cut her AP out of her life, have her served with divorce papers.

    She is now claiming to be bi, so she will likely want to try more things with her AP.

  44. I mentioned the divorce of her parents to explain his words “I feel the need to see who she became now that months have passed and major things happened in her life”. Basically he said that he need to know what he’s letting go of. English’s not my first language so I probably worded it wrong.

  45. My friends think it's a bad idea to get back with him a third time.

    Your friends have your best intentions in mind…

    The sad thing about this post, is here:

    He clearly has been seeing her on this break. But I guess I can't be mad because we have technically been broken up.

    That you say “I can't be mad for him seeing someone else during our break”

    And earlier you minimize/deflect this:

    I found out that he had cheated on me at least twice.

    Soul mates don't cheat on their partner.

    Stop justifying his behavior, hold him accountable for his actions.

    You have been on and off for years, and there's been cheating history…

    That is not a relationship you invest in. That is a relationship you leave at the curb and go find someone else and raise your standards.

    Even now… You know he is lying to you. Why would you want to go back together with someone who is lying straight to your face?

    Stop justifying it by saying “Oh, he was just protecting me”… No, he not protecting YOU. He is protecting himself… Keeping you and him in good standing while he fucks around.

    He knows that if he told you he was hanging out with her, all of these comments would end up being a load of BS:

    He feels ready to get back together, and that it's forever this time.

    Please ma'am… Don't go back to this guy. Don't date people where you need 3 breakups for them to take things seriously. Find someone who takes the relationship seriously from day 1. Those are the ones worth fighting for.

  46. A good partner would care about your mental health and would give you the space you need for your therapy session. His “it’s my house” response when he could just use another bathroom is capital A ASSHOLE behavior. It’s beyond unreasonable—it’s malicious, domineering, and borderline abusive.

    TL DR, leave him!

  47. Do NOT go back to him. This is manipulative behavior. If he ever hurts himself, it is not your fault.

  48. Yoyr bf has for sure a problem. You tell him about a day with kids, and he is projecting sexual attraction into it, compres himself to a student and gets jealous because in his head he comes of bad in the comparison.

  49. Worst case scenario leaving is you loose assets and pets. It sucks! But staying is so much worse, you’ll lose yourself. Perhaps if you document how she does nothing, hater evidence that she isn’t contributing to the life and she can’t afford to maintain it and present to a judge, you may be able to keep some.

    You’re young enough to start over and be ok. I did at 28 too, and I’m ok.

  50. It’s difficult to have a relationship when you’re in college. It is a time to expand one’s horizons and is the first taste of freedoms for many young adults. College doesn’t last forever – you can either support him through his college experience and hope the relationship lasts beyond that, or decide your values are not aligned and call it off.

  51. Yeah, he's fine with you being bi up until you do something that makes it real and he actually has to face it. He's not a good person just because he (currently) makes an exception for you.

  52. Ok so you use this time apart to ‘work on yourself’ and you get a better paying job (just for start), she going to look at that and go ‘oh he’s trying, so you’ll try again with him’ and you get back together. Her next step ‘lets get rid of his low-life friends, they will only drag him down’ then your left miserable with her and all her equally shallow friends. Dude really take this time and find someone who loves you for you, and not what they can change you into.

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