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  1. Better to be alone than to on-line a life with a lying, cheater. This is just the beginning of your marriage. Imagine 15 years from now how much damage he could do to you mentally. Break ups suck, but I promise they're much easier than living with a liar who could potentially give you STD's.

  2. Bloodflow is a key factor to erection. But if you wanna please your girl, learn to use your tongue and fingers. Know where the clitoris is. Start from there. Surprisingly, women orgasm not by penetration with the penis.

  3. You should have another talk with her and explain to her what is at stake , you are kind of young and if she gets bored this early on it will not become later on

    You can also talk to her friend , because maybe her friend thinks she supports a friend and is not an affair(or affair to be)

    In the end if you see that she is not trying for the relationship you should start the separation process (not necessarily to go all the way ) so you can show her that she will lose you

    If she doesn't care about losing you then i don't think you should fight for someone that doesn't love you

  4. I have a daughter who is 9, and I will not let anyone I ever talk to or date seriously until I feel I'm ready for that.

    2 months is entirely too early for her to want to meet your child. Nah

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