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Date: September 25, 2022

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  1. It's nice to here that you've found a friend you are comfortable with in all that insanity. Tell him again that you are not comfortable having sex with people you don't know . And you prefer the person you are friendly with and you husband whom you feel safe with. If he doesn't like the guy that's okay ,he can have his threesomes and you can have you friendship with benefits situation, because just fucking different people wasn't what you need in the first place it's somethingyou did basically for him, you needed someone to listen and have a good time with. And now you have a friend .

  2. You can address the rest of the friend group, but don't be shocked when they tell you to take a hike. You fucked your best friend's girlfriend, why would anyone trust you?

  3. First off you don’t even travel like you’re a couple you’re in two different countries and you don’t have time to make to talk to him on the phone because you haven’t seen your sister in so long you’re a grown adult woman who’s marriage is failing. Whatever you focusing on life benefits from it. When you’re trying to go to school, you focus all on subjects that are going to benefit your job when your job you. Focus on getting your goals. Clearly your marriage is not important enough for you to focus on.

    I don’t even know what to say about the PDA except it’s probably more indicative of the fact you have no affection for him, and a marriage will not survive that. There’s no reason to be cold to somebody that you love. So I wish you luck, but I’m going to tell you if you don’t change your behaviors, your marriage will fail and you will be responsible for it as well as here .

  4. I like this solution best. Draw a clear line, tell everybody you've had enough of this, don't be around your in-laws anymore or limit it to like once/twice a year.

    As far as the child is concerned, people forget that if she breaks up bf is entitled to 50% custody and you can't stop the children from being around grandfather based on these remarks. Maybe she ends up breaking up or not, but at this point drawing clear boundaries and showing (not telling) her bf she's actually serious about this is best.

  5. While this is amazing, and commendable, anyone who has been in your shoes will tell you to never stay in a relationship or marriage just for the children. I'm not saying don't try therapy or other solutions first. But if that all fails, you cannot remain in a relationship with someone that you begin to hate, loathe, can't stand to be with, resent (fill in whatever word you want). Also I promise as your children get older they will notice how Daddy hates mommy and they will begin to resent both of you. Sounds to me like you aren't a partner in this situation, you're more the butler, servant, or slave who needs to be on call anytime you're not at work. Not only that but it seems you're master isn't even satisfied with how you accomplish the simplest tasks. It's as if buying you do is ever fast enough, good enough, correct enough, right? Yes a lot of us have been there, and guess what, this doesn't change. While postpartum is extremely serious and needs to be treated, it sounds to me like you didn't know the woman you were having kids with. So if the math is correct you're together for 2 years and have two kids already. So you really only knew about 5 months before the first pregnancy. Yes you didn't know her at all. This is probably who she is buddy. So you have choices to make, try couples therapy, also you both need individual therapy, and you need to find a way to raise to kids and both be happy and make each other happy. It isn't easy at all, but honest to me it sounds like you're already so done with this that it might not be salvageable. Also btw no one should treat you that way. Have some respect for yourself. You're not an errand boy. If you go to the store and it takes half an hour, you shouldn't be getting 3 phone calls. If you do the dishes to the best of your ability and they are clean, there shouldn't be complaints after. Like sometimes you need a backbone.

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