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Date: September 24, 2022

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  1. For real man, these people will do everything to just avoid telling the person outright to stop. Bring a friend or family member along if you’re scared but the words have to be said first.

  2. This year so far has been a huge lesson of me needing to wake up. I guess at some point I hoped things would go well, but instead they kept getting worse. I break myself where he won't even bend. He says he can financially support me as well, but it would take him being able to talk to women in order to do so. It's all just manipulation. I can see it now. I saw it before but wanted to believe in the potential of what could be. I grew close to his family and friends and I had no one before. I think at the end of it all I was just scared of losing everything and starting over, but starting over is so much better than getting my heart broken on a loop.

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