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Date: September 25, 2022

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  1. A restaurant. Just get her a meal and talk. Talk about dogs and politics and whatever she wants to talk about. Try and find an out of the way place so you can hear each other.

  2. Every day since their honeymoon phase ended I feel really confused. I know all couples just fall into calm little casual domesticity eventually, it won't always be new relationship energy.

    Not quite. True, things settle down a bit… but that spark and fun energy should always be around, it shouldn't dissolve into nothingness.


    I'm not miserable right now, but it could be better.

    Not miserable yet… If you know it could be better, why are not making an attempt to achieve that better?

    Relationships are a work in progress, you constantly build upon them. You don't date someone for 6 months and go “Yup, this is all we are, we've reached out potential. Let's kick back now”

    This is how you tell if your reletionship is going well or not: You communicate something, they work with you to get you what you need, you do the same for them, that is a functional reletionship… if its a little bumpy on the way, that's okay… you're working together to iron those bumps out.

    A reletionship that is not going well, is one where you communicate and there are conflicts as a result. Like its a chore to improve things. That is when you know you're in a bad reletionship.

    You need to change this mindset:

    I really don't want to bother anyone or make them feel like they have to change for me or anything

    It's not about changing anything for you. Its about adapting and giving your partner what they need. You teach the other person how to love you in the way you need.

    How I love, is going to be different than how you love. And the love I require, is going to be different than the love you require.

    If you spend your dating life, searching for someone who perfectly matches their love output to your love input, you will be searching endlessly.

    Communicate. Build. Add layers of depth. That is how you fall deeper in love instead of falling out.

  3. Agreed! Just gotta make sure both parties are on the same page and communicate honestly and openly if anything changes for either of you

  4. OP as a pregnant woman that's married. Even if i wasn't just my input as a woman. I would never fucking feek comfortable having my partner take full responsibility for my child. I'd be thanful if i met someone if they wanted to help but to worry about someone taking care of us is insane. I'm already stressed out as is because my husband is doing the most for us and I'll be going on maternity leave. No one… and i mean no one that cares about you. Would have you put so much financial responsibility on yourself so they don't have to work. It feels like you are being used here my guy. I wouldn't feel comfortable having my partner who isn't even my husband be taking care of all my needs. Idk what this bullshit is with woman my age these days. Financial security worries should be about how she can better herself for her child and make sure they are more secure because she is bettering herself (studying or working towards something) not having you pay for shit so she can leave and have some sucker to take over her responsibilities. Don't mind yourself to this shit.

  5. He was probably, and might still be, in shock.

    About a month ago, I finally got out of my STB ex wife why she was delaying our divorce paperwork and what she absolutely had to have a face to face meeting with our lawyers to tell me. She finally confessed she'd been three months pregnant when she moved out and had secretly carried a daughter to term, who wasn't mine.

    My first words were “come home and we'll figure it out.”

    It's like being in a heavy daze, you're just kind of running on autopilot.

  6. Because he's being weird about you going to his. Have you had a date? Gone out together anywhere? Has he taken you out?

  7. This is the first time I’ve ever been in a situationship. The sex is great honestly, but I’m not even sure how to approach ending this situation.

  8. I only read the title of the post. If you are looking for a secret “this isn't really happening” button, they don't exist. You know what to do.

  9. You guys are too immature to be in a relationship and seem to treat each other poorly which means you shouldn’t be together. Totally not worth the drama. And anyway, she’s not likely to be your forever person so learn from this and just move on

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