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  1. Thank you for your take. If it had been at all available at the time, therapy would have been my top choice after what I went through. Every opinion is valued, and doesn't have to be phrased aggressively such as you have. Thanks dude.

  2. At this point there is no point giving your girlfriend a talk or boundaries – enough has been said already

    He knows what he is doing and also knows she likes it

    The best outcome you can hope for at the moment is that she just cheats with him when you guys get in an argument , the most likely outcome is a lot worse than that

  3. Yes.. he's really bad at cooking. He does other things around the house instead, but that's usually on the weekend since his routine is relaxing/gaming after work.

  4. If this level of rage gets to this level, this is a problem. All you did was ask him to do his washing, which is fair. Take this as a sign of your future with him. Do you want this?

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