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  1. Right, but let's say with the bday, you said he might go out with others instead. Would you be invited to this alternative?

  2. Full stop. She was playing a “time sensitive game of chess in the bathroom” which translates to screwing around because GaMeS ArE ReAlLy SuPeR ImPoRtAnT (barf, in this scenario). Then she mistakenly referred to your Employment RECRUITER who is a professional colleague who needs to know how things went so they can negotiate on your behalf as your FRIEND? Then she followed this up with “the Silent Treatment” and doesn’t want to talk / be your cheering squad because little Miss Narcissist has her feelings hurt?

    If this is her normal, RUN! If this is a temporary behavioral anomaly followed with apologies, okay. Either way, this internet stranger is NOT impressed with her. You have done nothing wrong. If she attempts to convince you that your behavior is bad, agree and DUMP HER IMMEDIATELY. Dating is a job interview, and she is failing miserably.

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