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  1. It’s more so I think the act of receiving a phone call, a text message or using those platforms. It’s hot to explain. But that’s literally what mental illness are I suppose; thoughts and emotions that are based on irrational fears and stuff. It’s a bit very hot to unpack without giving a full background of his mental health history.

    I’m not sure the jingle/buzz would even work, but I think it’s worth a try. We’ve tried setting a specific ringtone for me and similar alternatives. But I think they don’t work as well because they’re “still” phone calls and text messages; and his brain is wired to perceive them badly. This is why I would like to have an app or something that is entirely separate. Does this make sense?

  2. ADHD is not an excuse. If he's not taking meds, that's on him.

    You are in pain, and he's pestering, and pestering for sex – this is not cool.

    he's THIRTY years old. He knows better – but he hopes you don't.

  3. If she really wants to try again, you two shouldn't try to rekindle by moving back in together. You need to date each other, take your time, and see if you can get resolve the problems you had in the past. Having a significant difference in religion is one of those things. It's been a relationship ender for me… twice (I was the non-religious one).

  4. We told grandma when my aunt died. She forgot pretty quickly, but we still felt she had a right to know. We didn’t take her to the funeral though, as it would have been a nightmare for all involved – especially as grandma often said seriously horrible things in anger (caused by absolutely everything and anything), which would have made everything infinitely worse for my aunt’s daughter and grandchildren.

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