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  1. It was that and personally realized as a result that I wasn't gaining anything by getting so worked up, in fact, quite the opposite.

    And I am not like that in any other area of life, but somehow with driving, I had road-rage. So it was easy to know how I should behave instead haha. THe same as any other activity.

  2. Exactly. OP you’ve addressed this enough times where adequate washing of his asscrack should be happening, even if it’s just for himself to avoid embarrassment! You’ve given him the tools to address this himself without verbally raising the issue. I get hemorriods too and you know what, I ensure that I look after wiping to make sure there’s no poo left, and I will only get intimate if I’ve had a shower after a BM.

    For him to not do something about it tells me he’s either lazy. Has trouble wiping for some reason (can he see or reach properly? Or because he just doesn’t care that much.

    If you’ve broken up once before and have spent 4 years coaching your man how to wipe his ass, then I would reconsider the relationship. Poor personal hygiene is a good enough reason to seperate.

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  4. It’s a date, but not necessarily a romantic one. It could be that she just wants to be friends with you.

    If you are interested in being friends, or becoming romantic with her, then accept the invite, have fun and see where it goes.

    Worse case you don’t have fun, and all that happens is you loose an evening of your time.

  5. For her it's about always being the one to have over her card for the smaller things, that are largely unappreciated, while you just put your card in for the big extravagant dates where you get lots of appreciation.

  6. might seem petty

    lol if that's the worst you do that's better than what he deserves. Screw him. You're better than what he deserves by a country mile.

    What's wrong? He knows what he lost so he's lashing out like a wounded monkey who doesn't know better.

    If he truly loved you, he would have shown you the message.

    Good riddance DAMN GOOD JOB! not taking his shit. Mad props for “show me or we're over”. MAD fucking props.

  7. Lmao wow. Have a little self respect and leave him. I just don't understand why women put up with this sort of shit when there's tons of nice guys that won't treat you like shit that are single all over the place.

  8. But she was emotionally fragile


    I really hope that OP has his guard up after this. And insists on her getting a psychiatric evaluation to see what type of personality disorder he needs to educate himself on. That will be the only way for him to arm himself against her, she's go good at manipulating him that she HIT HIM and HE WAS COMFORTING HER. wtf.

  9. I have a coworker like that. Got everyone to believe she's an innocent young girl. Then used that to get away with a lot of bullshit.

    Your friend is not an innocent girl. She knows what she's doing.

    She probably has some inferiority complex towards you and has a one-sided competition thing going on. She wants him because you have him. It's not about attraction, but a gross power play.

    Cut her off. This type of person will just keep up with bad behavior for as long as you are tolerant of it. And she's heavily relying on plausible deniability to do so, into making you believe it's all in your head and you're overreacting.

    But remember: If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck, then it is a duck. You're not crazy.

  10. “okay you think about all this, i’m done. Do whatever you want.” I really don’t know how to get things back to the way they were.

    You can't. Forward is the only option

    If you want to make it work, communicate and grace are necessary. Maybe she is depressed and overwhelmed. Maybe she's known her friend for longer. Maybe her friend is less pressure.


    Yeah, that's a MASSIVE red flag, OP. Save the money in your own account, or a joint account that BOTH of you have to agree to take money from it. Otherwise, the BF could run off and take your half of the money with him, and you have no way of showing that it's yours.

  12. You three adults should sit at one table for that question and you should ask the son beforehand what he wants

  13. You don't know what else to do? This is his first offense. He promised to fix it and do better. You aren't giving him the opportunity to do that, you're micromanaging his response instead.

    He knows he fucked up, your constant reminders and demands for therapy aren't helping.

    Back off, quit trying to control him, show some trust in him, and apologize for dictating to him what his response should have been.

  14. -Ask to come along to these one on one meetings. If he is totally cool with it then you have your answer, if he gets weird and defensive you also have your answer

    He should also be setting boundaries !

  15. The problem with cycle tracking is that it's very difficult to do right, especially if the woman's cycle is irregular in any way.

  16. That’s fine that you want to make her understand how you feel or how she was wrong. But the other half of this is you need to put effort in trying to understand how she feels and what you did or said (right or wrong; it doesn’t matter) that made her feel the need to do this.

  17. What on Earth makes it immature? We do the things we like together, even if you believe the things we like to be immature that doesn't equal the relationship being immature. He was upset about something and communicated it, and I'm trying to find the best solution. What do you think couples are supposed to be doing? because to you: going out isn't enough, meeting my parents isn't enough, planning trips isn't enough, talking and enjoying their company isn't enough.

  18. I actually feel sympathy for the both of you. But for the life of me I can’t figure out why you’d want this to continue. There are others out there who would be more compatible.

  19. My brother in christ she's as close to being a 15 year old as she is to being your age. Date someone in the same stage of life as you if you don't want to be a sugar daddy.

  20. i wouldn't let her move in. MILs are meddling, nosy busy bodys. I hope you have the strength to not accept it. It's difficult so good luck

  21. He’s very vulnerable. You’re too important to him to risk having a relationship with. You need to understand that if you’re putting yourself forward in a caretaker role that if you introduce the idea of a relationship it can make him think it’s conditional to receive the help you’re giving.

    Step one for him (for anyone) is to ensure their safety. Make sure they feel like they can safely decide either way.

    But honestly I’d wait a bit. Wait until he gets settled. If you still have the butterflies then talk to him.

    But for now tell him you want to help him be safe in your country and that you will drop the dating talk until much much later. I’d apologize for making things complicated, and explain you misread some things but that he’s too important to to lose.

  22. If this had been a 32 years old male, everyone would call him a pedo and tell you to call the police

  23. I really don’t know, she loves the idea of it and I just cannot stand the fact that she does it. For the first month or so of our relationship I didn’t care at all but after that I just began to hate it.

  24. 1) Why couldn’t she be honest? I understand that it happens but if it started after we moved why did she have to emotionally leave me and string me along? 2) there isn’t any way I offended them.. they just prefer her company to mine because of my work schedule giving her more time to bond. 3) i dont know maybe but it doesn’t explain M

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