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  1. Maybe he stopped drinking for a period of time after the incident, and then when he went back to drinking only consumed 2-3 drinks from then on? Just a guess.

  2. Hey, sorry for the delay, busy with new years. Sorry your response got downvoted, I didn’t do that.

    Yes, it’s not your job to support her as a man. That’s not a built-in function of manhood. Your manliness is not determined by your ability to financially support other humans. So don’t conflate the two. Your self esteem and identity should not be measured by financial success.

    She’s not your wife or the mother of your children. She’s your gf and should have her own financial goals and aspirations.

    If you two decide to start a family, then the both of you should form a financial plan to support your children. Yes, that may entail her being a stay at home mom and you as the sole income earner. She would have to run the home according to a budget you both agree on. Or maybe she’d be a stay at home wife and do all the work associated with that responsibility. Both of these paths require her long term commitment and the exclusion of money from an ex boyfriend.

    Don’t financially support someone who isn’t completely committed to you.

  3. Uh yea I know you still adore him but to me this story reads like it is one chapter away from abusive crazy ex-stalker.

  4. So… He basically did not stop and is still smoking?

    You can't change that. It's something he needs to work through. No one on the outside can help him with this.

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